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How to say YES in Brazil

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In Spain they say “Sí, sí”, but not in Brazil!

One of the first words you’ll probably learn in Portuguese is sim, which means “yes”. It’s pronounced like the “sí” of Spanish, but with a nasalized sound, almost like the English word “sing”.

However, sim is nowhere nearly as frequent in Portuguese as “yes” is in English, or “sí” is in Spanish.

Espera aí!” (“Hold on!”) “I thought Brazilians were friendly!”

They are! This doesn’t mean that Brazilians prefer to say “não” (“no” in English). They just have a different way to accentuate the positive. When it’s time to answer, they simply repeat the verb in the question, without using sim.

Here are some examples:

Pergunta (question): Você gosta da música brasileira? (Do you like Brazilian music?)
Resposta (answer): Gosto, sim (I like it, yes) This is one way to say it, but it’s much more common to say simply, Gosto (I like it).

Pergunta: Eles foram ao cinema? (Did they go to the movie?)
Resposta:  Foram (They went—in English we would answer “Yes”).

Pergunta: A Tânia mora neste prédio? (Does Tania live in this building?)
Resposta: Mora (She lives)

Pergunta: Você gostou do livro? (Did you like the book?)
Resposta: Gostei (I liked it)

Pergunta: Eles estão com fome? (Are they hungry?)
Resposta: Estão (They are)

Pergunta: Você vai para a casa? (Are you going home?)
NOTE: In everyday speech, Brazilians say Você vai pra casa?
Resposta: Vou (I go or I’m going)

Pergunta: Você é daqui? (Are you from here?)
Resposta: Sou (I am)… OR: Não. Eu sou dos Estados Unidos (No. I’m from the United States)

Pergunta: Posso usar sua caneta? (Can I use your pen?)
Resposta: Pode (You can/may)
NOTE: This formula (Posso…? Pode) is very common. You should learn it by heart.

Pergunta: Já lavou a roupa? (Did you wash the clothes?)
Resposta: Lavei (I washed)

Pergunta: O Roberto compra muitas revistas? (Does Roberto buy many magazines?)
Resposta: Compra (He buys)

Pergunta: O seu irmão tem resfriado? (Does your brother have a cold?)
Resposta: Tem (He has)

Pergunta: A sua mãe é professora? (Is your mother a teacher?)
Resposta: É (She is)

Pergunta: Você quer ir ao Brasil? (Do you want to go to Brazil?)
Resposta: Quero (I want)

Pergunta: Vocês jantaram pizza? (Did you eat pizza for dinner?)
Resposta: Jantamos (We ate)

Sometimes another word is repeated, instead of the verb:

Pergunta:  Tudo jóia? (Everything fine?)
Resposta:  Tudo! (Everything!)

Keep your ears open the next time you listen to a Brazilian conversation in a film or (if you’re lucky) in person. You’ll hear this formula used all the time.

PerguntaVocê quer aprender português?  (Do you want to learn Portuguese?)

Resposta: ___________________(You fill in the blank)

For practice use the sentences above, with help from your dictionary, to make up questions and answers.

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